Garry Huynh


I am a designer, a technician, a problem solver, a photographer, and a videographer. I am inspired by artistic design; if it is as beautiful as it is functional then I want to explore it.

This portfolio is a placeholder as I am currently honing my skills with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. The complete site will be up shortly. Thank you for your patience



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  • Research
  • UX
  • Wireframing
  • Information Architect


Our website educates the users about their products and the culture surrounding it.

What if we created a collaborative environment between FOLK and its customers?

This is a service design proposal for a company that consists of one man, Andy Dobson. He uses 100% Canadian Hard-rock Maple for all the decks he makes by hand. We want to help him unlock a larger market without creating more work for him.

Folk Main

How did we select Folk as our client?

We selected FOLK after we analyzed ourselves as an agency. We looked at the strengths we have as a team and the values we found to be important to us. We then analyzed several potential clients using the SWOT analysis as well as comparing our values. Ultimately, FOLK's values in education and community lead us to our selection.

Client Selection Framework






Every Product is a Service

Every Product is a Service

Personalization and purpose keep users engaged with a brand, since how a brand behaves matters more than how it looks. Brands can gain loyalty by supplying services which continuously give value to the users.

Living Arrows

Living Arrows

Brands need to emulate empathy and delight for the users needs and to be present in every interaction by giving users control.

Journey Framework


By staying true to FOLK's education value, we provided information that skaters would need through the life if the deck. From making the board, using it, and disposing it.



We designed the purchase portion of the website to prevent the user from making errors while customizing their board. To do so, we broke down the components of the board from tip to tail, and material to length.



We highlighted skaters from many skill levels, amateurs to pros, locals to globals, for users to find or watch them as they pull off their gnarly tricks.



We also provide up and coming events for users to look out for so they can spectate or join other skaters in the community.



We educate our users on how to dispose of their boards in creative and sustainable methods. They can choosed to donate to non-profit organizations or even to local artists.


Made by Garry Huynh, 2015

The GOYA Device is designed for people to work at a desk, or even anywhere that a user sits for a prolonged period of time. It promotes health by reminding users to get up and walk in order to increase movement and bloodflow. We built this using Arduino, along with various input/output components such as tilt sensors, vibration motors, LED's, etc.
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